Changing the face of STEM - hands-on!

The Achieve Anything Foundation’s mission is to improve gender and cultural diversity in high tech STEM fields. We inspire female future leaders from shop floor to top floor with incredible, free, hands-on experience events.

All of our events, projects and programs are always completely free for all participants to prevent barriers to participation.

Did you know? In both Canada and the United States, only 6% of the professional pilot population are women - a statistic largely unchanged in the last 25 years. In Canada, only 2.3% of licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are women. In the Canadian Armed Forces, women account for only 4% of the technical trades and less than 3% of the top command positions. Worldwide, women account for only 1.28% of the global seafarer force.

To improve these numbers, drastic measures are needed. Role model presentations and brochures alone aren't going to fix a problem that has persisted for decades, and is reinforced daily in media, social media and advertising. To get women & girls interested in fields where they are poorly represented, the best method is to put tools in their hands and let them experience the various aspects - hands-on!

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